Versa-Matic is pleased to introduce the new E40 1 ½” metallic bolted line of pumps. The new E40 models are the latest addition to the Versa-Matic product offering, featuring the newly enhanced, exclusive Elima-Matic® Air Valve System, delivering consistent on/off/on reliability, while maintaining superior air efficiency.

The E40 1 ½” metallic bolted line of pumps:

  • Makes maintenance easy with a removable air valve sleeve and modular pilot spool design
  • Advanced flow-through castings design with flow rates up to 123 GPM (465 LPM)
  • Offers leak free bolted design for confidence when transferring low viscosity mediums
  • Available with several extended-life diaphragm styles to choose from such as the patented Versa-Dome™, and PTFE FUSION™
  • Designed to be dimensionally interchangeable with the Wilden® aluminum PX400
  • Easily placed into existing Wilden® installations at virtually no additional set up cost to the end user



Flow Rate 0-123 gpm (0-466 lpm)
Port Size

Inlet 1.5″ NPT (BSP)
Discharge 1.5″ NPT (BSP)
Air Exhaust .75″ NPT
Air Inlet .5″ NPT
Suction Lift

Dry 19′ (5.8 m)
Wet 31′ (9.4 m)
Max Particle Size 0.25″ (0.635 cm)
Shipping Weight

Aluminum 55 lbs (25 kg)
Cast Iron 95 lbs (43 kg)
Stainless Steel 92 lbs (42 kg)