Pulsation Series MP


3 – 504 gpd (0.50 – 79.5 lph) 0.13 – 21 gph


20 – 300 psi (1.3 – 21 bar)


The Pulsation Series MP is a true microprocessor controlled instrument for precise and accurate metering control. Packed with standard features, the Series MP include automatic control via 4-20mA or 20-4 mA inputs, external pace with stop feature and 16 character LCD display with support for English, French, and German languages. Nineteen distinct models are available, having pressure capabilities to 300 psi (21 bar) @ 3 gpd (0.5 lph), and flow capacities to 504 gpd (79.5 lph) @ 20 psi (13 bar), with a turndown ratio of 1000:1. Metering performance is reproducible to within ± 2% of maximum capacity.

Over 25 years of excellence, PULSAtron pumps carry agency approvals of ETL, ETL Sanitation, CE and NSF 61 (PVDF material and Degassing Head models).

General Specifications

Pump Head Materials GFPPL, PVC, PVDF, 316 SS
Fitting Material Available GFPPL, PVC, PVDF
Bleed Valve Same as fitting and check valve selected (except 316SS)
Turndown Ratio 1000:1
Seat O-Rings Available PTFE, CSPE, Viton
Balls Available Ceramic, PTFE, 316 SS, Alloy C
Diaphragms PTFE-faced CSPE-backed
Tubing Available Clear PVC, White PE, PVDF
Power Input 115 VAC – 50/60 HZ -1 ph, 230 VAC – 50/60 HZ – 1 ph
Peak Input Power 300 Watts, Average Input Power at Max SPM: 130 Watts
Average Current Draw 115 VAC: Amps – 1.0, 230 VAC: Amps – 0.5
Product Options
  • Optional Control: Power Level Output Relay
  • Flow Verification on select sizes
Accessories Dampeners


KOP Kits

Pre-Engineered Systems

Process Controllers



  • Automatic control
  • Fully scalable 4-20mA current signal
  • Flow verification on select sizes
  • Flow totalization
  • Relay output for computer interface or AC power
  • Simple prompts in plain language
  • Available in four languages – English – French – German and Spanish
  • Alarm signals for signal loss – full count – circuit failure – pulse overflow and pulse rate high
  • Liquid low-level indicator capability is standard
  • Timed sequences can be set for selected intervals and rate for repetitive metering
  • Pulse signals can be multiplied or divided by 1 to 999
  • Flow rate is displayed as gph – gpd or lph
  • Large easy to read backlit LCD display


PULSAtron Series Brochure


PULSAtron Series MP Tech Sheet

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