-4ºF-104ºF (-20ºC – 40ºC)

The Pulsafeeder ECA is the simplest and most economical stroke controller. It is a robust signal follower with high accuracy that allows
for multiple types and variable range of analog signals. This allows for system and communication compatibility and versatility. The ECA
offers independent isolation of the input and output signals;
effectively eliminating drift and noise problems. The ECA gives you
simple 1-button calibration. Merely supply a signal level to the unit, press a button, supply the high signal, press a button and the calibration is easy.


Turndown Ratio
Electric Power Required
120/230 VAC
Stroke Length
0-100% control range
Ambient Temperature Range
-4ºF-104ºF (-20ºC – 40ºC)



  • Standard signal loss protection
  • Setting a jumper will either freeze at the current position or drive back to zero
  • Fully programmable 0-25mA output or 0 to 4.095 VDC
  • Nema 4 or NEMA 7 enclosure for hazardous or explosive environments (without adjustment knob)
  • Measures variations in input signal as small as 0.02mA
  • Operates within +/- 0.1% stroke adjustment steps
  • Optical encoder digitally resolves stroke position for optimal accuracy
  • For Pulsar, Pulsar Hypo2pump, Shadow, and Shadow Hypo2pump Pumps
  • UL and ULC certified,IP66, CE, CENELEC