Digital Glycol Feeder


32⁰F to 122⁰F / 0⁰C to 50⁰C


Pulsafeeder’s Digital Glycol Feeder provides a consistent operating pressure in closed loop systems. This allows a controlled percentage of glycol solution to be fed from the 55 gallon tank. The Digital Glycol Feeder is available in two models; the DGF1 for single loop and the DGF2 for dual loop systems. The control unit utilizes an 8-bit microcontroller for precise feed system control. The NEMA4X enclosure can be wired conduit or prewire for easy startup. The preplumbed assembly includes a pressure gauge, pressure switch, and pressure relief valve to prevent excessive pressure build up. A low liquid level switch with optional audible alarm prevents the gear pump from operating when the solution is low.

General Specifications

Power Input 115 VAC, 230 V
Product Options
  • Single or Dual Loop
  • Conduit or Prewire
  • With or Without Audible Alarm
  • Single or Dual Dry Contact
  • Single or Dual AC Output
  • Dry Contact – Single and AC Output
  • Pressure Switch Options
  • Voltage
Accessories Metering Pumps

Cooling Tower Controllers

Boiler Controllers

Pre-Engineered Systems


  • Provides consistent operating pressure in closed loop systems
  • Fully piped and wired


Digital Glycol Feeder Tech Sheet


Digital Glycol Feeder IOM


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