Filter aid (kieselgur) dosing

OBL is a world leader in the manufacture of metering pumps for filter aids, used for wine, beer and fruit juice filtration. These are diatomaceous earths known as Kieselgur. A range of pumps is available including lip seal plunger pump, mechanical diaphragm and hydraulically actuated diaphragm. These meet the general requirements for flow rates and pressure (100 litres per hour, 26,5 GPH at 10 bar g, 145 PSI g).

< Pump type MHBN100 PP
The type of pump that best meets both the technical and economic requirements is the MHBN/MHCN versions. These are specially designed with PP heads, FDA silicone seals and an AISI 316L seats and balls coupled with the OBL unique PTFE mechanical diaphragm.
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